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no offense taken...really!
just trying to stress my point.
so what you're saying then is that one of the reasons that the soundstorm was so good was because it interfaced directly with the ac 97...
From what i understand,the N-Force4 is to N-Force3 what an ATI R360 is to a R350....mainly a revison of the same chip. Maybe they've taken advantage of those extra pins, i dunno...
PCI-E has been around for quite some time, so i'm sure that Nvidia had plans to add the PCI-E interface at some point. It really does not make any sense to plan a chip without it, when you know that the technology is coming, and have known for over a year...

I'm quite excited about all of this. I've been waiting to get a dual gpu for quite sometime, and we got teased a while back with a card with dual R420's, and a card with 2 NV42's too....and the only way that it could really happen was thorugh pci-e!
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