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Originally Posted by RussianMissile1
are you sure its 1.9v? a 1700+ dosent need 1.9v to run stock. 1.55v is better
yes and no.
the default voltage is 1.6v
max die temp is 90c.

my other thoroughbred b's are 1.65v default (2400+,2600+[333mhz])
max temp is 85c.

i am giving the higher voltage to "change" the chip to a 1.65v. Called burn-in.
basically i am forcing enough voltage to increase the max temp, and in doing so, getting the silicon used to extra voltage and heat. i will never, after the first 100 hours, give it more than 1.8. I have tried this on 6 different cpu's (only thoroughbred b's, i don't have access to enough bartons for long enough to run the tests) and each time it has allowed me at least 200mhz at a lower voltage.

I get to be the guy behind the scenes...i suplied Rachel with the parts, and after seeing me so many pc's for clients, she knew what to do. i guess there's more paint in the black to make some details "stand out more".lol i guess i have created a monster. The overclocking is all me, but the colours and design are my wife.
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