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Cool Lost 12 degrees on load

Hi all,

I am relatively new here but wanted to pass this on to you all. I just build my new system about 10 days ago. Used th stock HS and fan that came with my 2500+xp CPU. Was having some troubles with temps getting over 53-55c playing the old diablo2 game. Went out and got some thermal paste to see if that would bring it down any, but lost only 2-3 degrees.
One of my biggest problems was my cased is housed in a opening in my desk not much larger than the case. Becuase we both have large decks and we each have our own compters for work, it is hard to pull the case out and set it any where else. We use our computers for both work and play and have alot of other printers, scanners ect taking up space.
Well last night I remembered I had an old box fan about 12" x 12" I used for venting out fumes from painting. It's quiet, small and has 2 speeds. So I cut a hole in the inside portion of my desk and mounted the fan so it blew right into the case when I took the side panel off. It's not that loud and I put a filter on it to keep dudt froming blowing into the hardware.
I started the fan up and waiting about 10 minutes with it blowing on it and got temps around 37 idle and even playing the game that drove temps up around 53-55c it still didn't get above 41 with fan on it. Haven't tried high speed yet because it is a little bit louder and alot windier in here. So if you have an old fan around and have the same problem I do with case space, you might want to try this out.
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