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yea i've considered this but I can feel the one side of my radiator (external) now and it doesn't feel all that much warmer, and the second(in the back) would be cooling the GPU, which isn't as hot as the CPU so I think slightly warmer air wouldn't be all that bad for it. With 3 120mm fans on my case(2 on front rad and 1 on the back) there will be gallons() of air going through my case, spreading the heat from the first rad out over a greater amount of air, which would allow cooler air across the back one. Also I was considering one of those 5.25" bay coolers to flood the case with cooler air, above the rad. If this isn't too hot(or is too hot...) of an idea I was going to get a dual 80mmfan radiator in the back and do what koolance does and make a curved plastic dome and set one fan to intake the other to exhaust, that way it has cool air from the outside looping down, in, and back up out. With any luck ONE of these two ideas will prove better after trial and error =-O
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