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Originally Posted by mookydooky
3) Setup a JBOD (Just a bunch of disks) array. This will also give you a max partition size of 80GB. This is basically the opposite of partitioning. Instead of creating multiple logical drives out of one HD, you're creating a single logical drive out of many. There is no performance gain over using two disks in a non-array. The risk of failure is also twice as great as in RAID 0. Data recovery however, is much easier than with a striped array.
Errr..........on every controller I've ever used that supported it, JBOD was how you implemented a bunch of single disks. They weren't part of an array. Each drive appeared independently to the OS, and so you could format and partition them just as you would any normal drive. Note that some controllers implement the concept of JBOD as a single drive in a RAID 0 configuration (a RAID 0 with one stripe).
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