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UT irc freeze ups (since switch to 8kha+)

Well I know this isn't an overclocking issue *directly* but it is holding me back from overclocking, and I am hoping to find others that may have fixed a similar issue.

Since I've switched to my 8hka+ (also changed to Athlon XP-1600+, 512Mb Samsung PC-2100) I've had one nagging problem that I cannot fix. When using UT irc (or any of ut's "online windows" like "favorites" (don't use UT server browser much)) I get periodic lock-ups. Have to press reset or do a 3 finger salute to reboot.

Problem seems to occur most often when I'm just sitting there in UT irc (not as often when actively typing or switching btwn "favs" and irc channels).

Happens in both D3D and OpenGL.

I'm not overclocking anything (until I fix this problem) and have tried very conservative bios settings (8khal00) along with changes of most bios options (back/forth) in attempts to fix this.

If playing UT (regardless of in UT irc at same time) I NEVER lock up. I can run all the Radeon 8500 Demos and 3dMark2001 for eons without lockups (and other games). This has occurred with every version of the 8500 drivers and I don't think it's video related in anyway. Used the 8500 on my old P-3 system without this problem.

Sure, I can use Mirc and forego UT irc, but it makes it much more difficult to follow my buds and for them to follow me online.

I'm using DirectX 8.1 on WinME with UT 436 patch. I've done complete uninstall/reinstall of UT also.

The problem is extremely annoying and I would appreciate feedback from others that may have had this issue.

Epox 8RDA+ v1.1 w/vdd vmod
xp2700+ @ 220x11.5
Single TwinMos 512M PC3200 (w/TM Chips)
Radeon 9800pro @ 425/378
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