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part of the thing that makes lcd great to play games with makes them abosolutely horrible for watching movies. and that's the darkness/black level. Alot of people are convinced that lcd's are better, and from a gaming perspective, you're right. Not having true blacks allows you to see little details that are there for a reason in a game, but when you watch a mivie, shadows are generally there to obscure the audience's view of something for whatever reason, or to convey a mood. CRT's are far less expensive, and require less maintenance. LCD's, on the other hand, if properly maintained can last just as long, if not longer, but usually will require and inverter swap-out at some point. i'd rather spend mucho dollars on something else than a display...all that money goes to vidcards, so CRT's are great for me. But i'd much rather have an lcd for gaming, like the NEC with the lexiglass cover like the new shuttle displays...
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