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Did you keep the same o/s setup, or did you do a clean install of winMe when you changed m/b? Suggest you make sure you are running the via drivers that came on the disk.

I've had other problems with UT, and it's always been down to too many driver changes clogging up the reg. A clean install should be as follows-

format hd
install OS
install OS sp
install VIA 4-1 and RAID software
install DirectX
install video drivers
install sound card drivers
re-install DirectX again
install any other hardware drivers
re-install DirectX again
re-install OS sp
install games
8kha+ AthlonXP 1700 (30th Nov bios)
Win2k sp2\ Win98se
ATI 8500 (std driver) via 434 (DirectX8.1) 512k Crucial 2100
WD WDC400BB h/d
Segate ST328040a h/d
Pioneer 106 DVD drive
Aopen 1232pro cd-rw (EZcd dlx 4.05)
Pinnacle Studio DVDplus firewire
400W Sparkle & UPS
IIyama 19inch Monitor
dirty coffee cup, pair of comfy slippers
and the damn instruction manual
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