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CounterStrike: Source

Colin McCrae Rally racing 05(both sp and mp demos are available...currently have a request email in for re-distribution as codemasters is quite tight with thier software)
UT....all variants.

most of you know i have a HL2 mod in the works... so of course that game is the fave of mine right now. For those of you with any interest, there was an impromptu conversation between myself, the mod of, and a few other forum that quickly turned into a 50+ page thread while we posted on the forum, and they mimicked our posts @ ... to the point that i have a few of my posts as permanent HL2 history!(4 of my posts now appear on the hl2.php site, each of which appeared 45 seconds or so after my posts....let me tell you the forum members think i'm really on the inside! lmao!

BETTY: once i get approval, i have the CMR demos already saved and ready to upload.
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