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Homemade Case Cooler

I was looking around on the internet and I stumbled across this. This is basically like a fridge and my friend's family is getting rid of a fridge that "doesn't work". The only problem is that theres so much dust nothing will work. So, they've decided to give it to me. I found a few mods that would make mine work better and if I can convince my parents to let me make it, I might try my hand at making it into a case cooler. What I would do is have a case with all the cooling components in it blowing cold air straight into the upper case with the computer in it. The rear fans from that case will be ducted back into the lower case where the cycle starts over again thereby lowering power uses because the air being cooled again would only be a few degress higher. To eliminate condensation I will put some of those silica gel packages in the case and leave it for 24 hours to dry the air out. Both cases will be leakproofed so that the air will stay dry and keep at a low temperature. Anyone with other ideas for this or any suggestions would be good. Thanks.
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