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Unhappy 8kda3j and 9800pro->XT mod

I have given up in trying to flash my MSI Radeon 9800Pro to XT as it just will not operate in conjunction with my mobo. I have read alot of post on what bios to use and how to flash it but no go.
Once the card is flashed and I reboot, the mobo posts a code of 26. No matter what bios I use this happens.
I read an article at the epox site about post code 26 and certain agp bios settings but they didnt work as well.
The card does have the R360 core as I pulled the big heatsink off and saw it.
This is the only card in the box.
I am at the point of curiosity now as why it wouldnt work. It is well within the realm of me screwing something up but I tried to follow all that I read to the T.

This is my PC
AMD64 2800+
768 PC3200 Mushkin
MSI Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb
Antec 350w smartpower
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