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The power supply has 21A on the 12v rail.
The card itself is the only thing on the cable from the power supply.
The card is 128mb and I have used the following bios'
Medion - which i read is the German release of the card from MSI
and one that was labled as an MSI XT bios

but none worked. All gave the same post code - 26. Black screen.

I have the card working in my PC now but it is the original bios. I flash the XT bios, get the post code, put in pci vga card, flash back to original and try again.

I used this guide for one -

as well as the bios images from that site -

The one thing I have found is that alot of posts I read say that the Medion bios is the one that works. Reviews from newegg, forums elsewhere say it works, but not with me. The bios image i get is smalller than the all of the others I have used, but I have no clue if that means anything.
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