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Talking My Mid Tower

I dunno if anyone remembers me anymore, but i had a nice blue and yellow midcase, well i had to move out so i had to stick my main pc into my mid tower, but first it meet som recontrution on the front, and som paint

I dont have any pictures from when i was Yellow and blue, but heres a pic of it when it was mat black!

Here u can what its like now

Short info
P4 2,26b
100gb westen digital hdd
Geforce4 MX 460
Sony DVD 16x
LG-RW 52x32x52
2x256 ram

The WC:
Swiftech blok
Big radiator
1x 120mm fan
1x antec blue led 80mm
Home made tank

Any qustion just ask
Attached Thumbnails
My Mid Tower-0010.jpg   My Mid Tower-0011.jpg   My Mid Tower-0013.jpg   My Mid Tower-0016.jpg   My Mid Tower-0017.jpg  

Rig 1
AMD XP1600+/Epox 8K3a+/Geforce4 Ti4200/Kingston 256Mb PC2700/WD 100GB SE 7400RPM

Rig 2
AMD XP2000+/MSI Ultra2/ATI Radeon 9000/Kingston 256Mb PC2100/Seagate 60GB 5200RPM

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