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Intel have left their customers high and dry so many times it is hard to keep count.

Virtually everytime they come out with a new processor, they have a new slot or socket. I've read informed speculation that they abandoned Socket 7 to avoid having to compete head to head with AMD.

But not only does Intel want to avoid a common CPU interface, they also sell chipsets. So if customers have to buy a new motherboard to upgrade, when all they really wanted to do was upgrade their CPU, that's just fine with Intel.

Socket A has spanned from 600 MHz to over 2 GHz. They obviously left themselves some room to grow with the 462 pin socket. And that has been good news for us. Even older boards have been able to stay close to state of the art because, though not officially supported, much newer and more powerful AMD CPUs would often work in them.

The one that really got me with Intel was when they went from Socket 423 to 478. The P4 wasn't even a year old! If you wanted to upgrade, buy a new motherboard (or maybe a 478 to 423 adapter).

It is the arrogance of being the dominant player. And I detest arrogance.
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