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Where are you purchasing it from that still has it in stock?

I paid a relatively high price for my first one. I wanted the IGP and MCP-T in a full-ATX board with Epox's power regulation quality. Didn't have too many choices.

The second time I *wanted* one, they were out of circulation in the USA, and I would be forced to pay an exorbitant $130. Oh well.

My board did not like running at 200mhz FSB. I didn't have that problem with MCP-T'less boards from another manufacturer. (which I would not have purchased if the 8RGA+ was available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ET talk to your marketing folks!)

This was solved by increasing Vdd and attaching a 40mm fan to the NB sink (using superglue and some 6/32" nuts). Stable at 200mhz under 3dMark loops.

Very very nice board. I can't say that any product on the market now adequately replaces it - for the intended purpose, I would be spending quite a bit more to purchase an FX5200, a Via Envy PCI card, and any other old board.
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