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Off of Ebay,can't find em new either,only for folding to go with the other 5 Epox rigs.Will just save the hassle of getting graphics card as well,not really interested in soundstorm or quality of GF4 MX onboard graphics.If for new machine would go AMD64 but wondering what the improvement would be over an XPM running at 2550MHz.I suspect possibly not enough to justify outlay unless I can get the 64 3000(or 3200)to 2400Mhz plus
AOA Team fah

Asus Crossfire IV Formula.Phenomll 1090T at 3.7GHz
Asus Ati 4890 at 950 Core 1025MHz Mem speed.
4 GB Crucial Ballistix 1600DDR3.COrsair 1200W supply
Corsair 40GB SDD X 2 Raid 0 and 2 X WD Caviar Black 1Tbs Raid 0
LG Blue ray/Hd dvd reader and 2 dvd writers
All wrapped up in a Silverstone TJ09
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