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Hrmm...which to choose, which to choose...

I've got two mobos here. One Asus P4P800 and a Shuttle AV49P. The Asus has the i845 chipset and the Shuttle has the VIA PT800 chipset. All the reviews I've read show they're neck and neck.

The only end-user noticable difference is that the i845 supports dual channel RAM and the VIA chipset doesn't. Both have the same features, except the ASUS board has more DIMM slots, HOWEVER, if I were to ever upgrade my memory I would only buy a matched PAIR, so more than 2 is pretty much a waste IMO. I mean, if I ever bought another stick of the pansy stuff I'd be alright but what am I going to do with more than 1 gig of RAM?

Anyway, for expandability the ASUS has it down, but I'll probably never upgrade my workstation comp again (going from a 1.8/400/512 to a 2.4/533/512 and a mobo with 8X AGP) and the VIA chipset has shown exceptional performance (even slightly exceeding that of the i845) with the regular RAM like I've got. The other board is going to my brother in exchange for a BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra, so I have to pick and pick GOOD my first time around or I'm stuck. What do you guys think?
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