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Originally Posted by Dj OverklocK
Sounds like you're trying to build yourself a Rheobus.
Yup, thnx for the info do i think i'll skip it..
main box: Abit NF7-s TicTac Bios, Mobile Barton 2.4+@2.4GHz, Alpha PEP 66 + Volcano 12 fan, 2x256MB@4460, Sapphire 9600pro 128mb, SkyStar 2, 4x160gb Samsung, Pioneer A08, Toshiba 1802, Antec slk3700, Enermax 465w, Nokia 21" 445pro 1600x1200@90Hz, VideoSeven 19" N110s 1600x1200@85Hz, Logitech Wireless keyboard + MX 700, Wacom Intuos A3 tablet, HP LJet 1010

other box: NF7-s, 1.7+@2.2GHz, 512MB, 2x160gb Seagate, Hitachi 21" 1280x1024@85Hz, Logitech Wless keyb + MouseMan

can't fit more
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