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Talking Solved

When I got home I checked the display and it was showing 50 and in the manual it says initializing USB or somethin' and no chance of a clean boot, the system stoped after showing the processor type. So I disconnected the cable modem (USB conection) and voila...the computer returned to normal. This modem gives me a hard time. What do you guys think it's wrong with this modem? Sometimes I have to reset the modem in order to make it work. It's a brand new Scientific Atlanta with telephony. Thank you Gizmo and thank you Cloasters for your input. Should I RMA the modem?
I've heard that linux community came up with better implemented security in it's latest Linux Mint Gold version, it's actually preventing the user to log in, thus posing 0 risk in contamining the computer with malware! Well done to the open source community!

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