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as well you should be alex!! My idle temp is 33C. has yet to go above 50C. Not sure if it is the chip. Does not seem to matter what I pug into this board. Once secured it takes off. A friend brought over a 2.6C that he said was no good cuz he coul;d get past 3.2. I wasn't too thrilled about pulling my block off and pulling my processor to try his chip. But, I did. I asked him what voltages he had tried. He had gone to 1.75 on his abit IS-7. he thought I was going to spend the whole night increasing the fsb 1 mhz at a time! I turned the volts up to 1.7 which is about 1.632 on this board. I set the fsb @ 280 and fired it up. It came right to life!! running great at 3640mhz.
Now he has air cooling, and he has Kingston budget ram. I would not blame the board yet. I am going over this weeekend to check it all out. Just everything I plug into this board flies! I'll run it on the 5:4 divider and show you just how far it will go!

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