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go to the aquamark ARC I assure of the 467 posted A64's behind me several had one gig of ram. Now as far as this post goes. Lazgoat,Instead of starting a thread titled,
" I'm considering jumping ship" Which was absolutlely guarenteed to start this arguement. In the future . don't start a thread like this. now , why would you now ask about the 2.8.P-4. I showed you a reasonably priced combination. go look at Pitch's setup up It's cpu score is also higher than any you will find on the ARC for A64's
I will tell you all,in all honesty one of my closest friends has an athlon 3700 A64 and his cpu score is the exact same as mine. Oh by the way he uses 512 megs of mem.
.I will not post oin this thread again as I don't believe it should even be here. And I will also say alexkerhead is a fine young guy. you need only take the time to read his posts to get idea of his way of talikng as well as his sense of humor. I will stick by this guy and my P-4 til the bitter end. As well as Pitch's P-4 as it is my only competition here and is the reason why i have extracted as much as i have out of my system's potential. As I stated earlier if you are happy with it, run with it. And let this thread go cuz it is crap. This is a worthless debate that means nothing.

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