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My proceesor is a SL6WK 30 capper. I have never payed with any other 3.0C processor. so I can't say if 30 is better than 12. That is what I here though.
I do know every processor I stick in my board goes far beyond what it did in the board it came from. I must tell you I am done testing proceesors for guys. As I have to remove their prossy's for them , clean them, Use up my AS5, Remove mine clean it up istall theirs test it, remove it and clean it ,re-apply MY AS5 and reinstall in their system,then do all that to mine to get it back into my system. It is a pain in the ass. Although it has helped EPOX to seel some more boards. I get nothing for it. But, this has only been done for my closest friends. It's true I built everyone of their systems.
This was before I built mine or we would of all had EPOX boards from the start!!

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