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Some of us wish to defend our choice in processors. It looks like more of us at AOA choose AMD, which leaves Intel owners in the minority. Is there an intrinsically correct choice?

I appreciate the fact that AMD is a tiny company when compared to Intel. Rooting for the overdog seems wrong, personally speaking.

I think it's fair to say that the money one saves by choosing AMD--at least in the past-- requires the owner to be smarter, for lack of a better word. As AMD can't afford to design its chipsets most of the time, there is often a world of details that must be addressed before your AMD CPU runs the way you want it too. Especially cooling.

It's easy to drop an Intel CPU into one of the more expensive mainboards and have your new setup fire up just fine, badda bing. It must be said that the new Prescott cored P4's require better cooling than Intel supples with its RB'd processors. Even at stock, AFAIK. While the new Socket T form factor saves the mainboard from being bent half way to China when securing the HSF, I do not like the fact that the processor must be married to pins that are supplied inside the socket.

Which makes the latest CPU's from AMD more attractive!
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