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Well redoing UT didn't fix it. I then made a new partition, hid my WinME partition, and installed W2K Pro. Still had the same issues.

Started playing around more in my Bios. Found that if I enable "Memory Hole at 15-16M" and reduce my HD UDMA from 66 to 33, my problem is solved. I think they were the last couple of settings for me to try, and they *both* were required at the same time. Just one of them only *reduced* the frequency of my freeze ups.

Go figure. It was the toughest problem I've had to fix in awhile.

I did find that UT runs great in W2K! Like "WOWEE" great!

Thanks for your help bud!

Epox 8RDA+ v1.1 w/vdd vmod
xp2700+ @ 220x11.5
Single TwinMos 512M PC3200 (w/TM Chips)
Radeon 9800pro @ 425/378
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