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Repost of someone's post of quotes:
I'm waiting for this board also. Epox mentioned it in another thread. I will search for this thread presently. BRB.

Quote from Epox Tech:
"The board itself only has ATA 100 capability, with the RAID controller having the ATA133 capability.

It will not resemble at all the 8KHA+ mainboard as it is a different PCB design entirely having 4 DDR DIMM slots also.

It will be an overclocking aided mainboard as you have come to expect since the days of 3VCA and even earlier."

and dug it up!:
"A good pointer would be - 8KHA+ has everything in BIOS, but doesn't have extreme VccCore alteration without modification. It does however have extreme VDimm voltage.

8K7A+ on the other hand has increased VccCore manipulation and of course does have RAID but doesn't have so much VDimm adjustment.

8KHA2 that will be out in January will offer the best of both worlds in a quad phase power solution which will introduce AGP voltage alteration to us to assist with video card overclocking also (remember 8KTA3 series)."

and some more quotes:
"1. There won't be any 64bit/66MHz PCI slots as KT266 cannot support them.

2. There will be no 1/5 PCI divider as KT266 cannot support it

3. It will have the HPT372 RAID controller

4. There will be 4 dimm slots

5. VccCore, VAGP and VDimm range TBC, but with overclockers in mind

6. 6 PCI Slots"

Did I miss anything?
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