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How to mod a Compucase 6A19

I got this case because of having 120mm fans front and back but I am having problems with the air flow - I think.
My cpu at 2300 MHz is cooled by a Zalman 7000A AlCu and under load gives these temperatures with the system temperature at about 32/33 deg C.
With case side removed 50 deg C
With case side on but intake filter and plastic grill removed 53 deg C
With case on and filter/grill in place 56 deg C
At present I have two SilenX 120 mm fans 14 dBA version one sucking in the front and one exhausting out the back.
PSU is Tagan 480 watt which basically doesn't push out much air.
Assuming adding an extra 120 mm fan in the side panel would help would it be better to have it pushing air into the case (I would then have two fans pushing air in and one extracting plus the psu fan). The reason for suggesting the extra fan should push the air into the case is that if it was extracting it would probably suck hot air from the psu right into the cpu cooler.
Is this the best way to go or do I need to consider a more radical solution.
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