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Trouble shooting XFX 5900XT not receiving enough power

Can anyone help?

I have upgraded the main parts of my PC (new spec: mobo- MSI K8N NEO Platinum; graphics card- XFX Geforce 5900XT, memory- Corsair 2 x 512mb, cpu- Athlon 64 3400+; 400W power supply) and installed the latest drivers.

However, every time I boot up my system I get a message from the Nvidia Power Indicator saying that my GFX card isn't receiving enough power, so the performance is automatically lowered. 'Troubleshoot' suggests that I check that the supplemental power cable is attached to the mobo. However, my GFX card does not have such a cable.

I have run 3DMark01 and receive a score around 4500. I don't think this any better than my 64Mb Gf4200Ti.

Can anyone tell me whether my card should have been sent with a supplemental power cable, or is the driver mistaken? Or is the performance of my new card about right?

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