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Originally Posted by Áedán
Computer Specific Questions

What is a CODEC?
The abbreviation CODEC stands for COder/DECoder. The CODECs job in life is to convert one form of data into another form. It's also a generic term, so it is applicable to many things. In terms of sound, the following are the most common uses.

In terms of physical hardware on a soundcard, a CODEC is the device that turns the digital signal into an analog signal your speakers can handle. It can also convert an analog signal into a digital one, so the computer can deal with things like a microphone or a signal on the linein jack.

In terms of software, a CODEC is a piece of code which converts one form of data into another. For example, an MP3 player has a CODEC in, which converts the MP3 data into audio data the soundcard can play. Some CODECs can convert both ways - for instance, some MP3 CODECS can convert MP3 data into audio, and audio into MP3. If you do not have the correct CODEC for the sound you are trying to play, you cannot play it!

i thought codecs were intimidatory chips IE a converter, as a example, the DEC takes digital data source and converts it into a usable data stream for a DAC

DAC's and ADC's are the converters for digital streams and analouge signals

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