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Logitech MX-510 + Belkin Nostromo = omg...

I just recently traded a large number of computer parts for a whole computer that I affectionately named "The Reject". It was named so because it was built completely from parts that nobody else wanted.

Case = Powmax flimsy pos
HS/F = Dynatron fan that sounds like blow dryer
Processor = AMD XP 1600+ Thouroughbred (12*166@37C)
WD 40g hard drive (from NM)
1 stick PC2700 256mb Nanya
Bloody Monster GeForce FX5700LE 256mb (Cousin replaced with 5600ultra)
No name DVD drive
No name Floppy drive
misc crappy cables
300w Sparkle Power Supply
Refurb MSI KT400 mobo
15" Gateway Flatscreen (Free from closing business)

So I traded this for a Shuttle NForce2 Ultra 400 mobo, Antec ATX mini-tower, Generic Keyboard, Stick of 512mb PC3200, MX-510, Nostromo, Two way KVM hotkey with Audio. All in all not a bad trade imo. Anyway, I digress...

I used to do "decent" in the PC version of Halo (I sucked) and I got into a game halfway completed while still trying to learn to use the Nostromo pad and came in 3rd place. I totally owned. I swear that reviews on this mouse and gamepad say that it increases your gaming ability and at this point I'm not disagreeing. If you game AT ALL then you owe it to yourself to get one of these Logitech MX-510 mice. They come in Red and Blue from what I've seen and I would have to say it increases my gaming ability by about...30%-40%. I would try to do a full review...but I wouldn't know where to start. At $40 it's a steal for a mouse.

The Nostromo is incredible as well. You can set up and save different profiles for different games or applications and then load that profile before starting the game. You can also save a shortcut to the game from that profile and launch it with the Nostromo utility. There were some complaints of earlier revisions having sticky keys, but that seems to have been solved with the latest versions of the product. (Btw, Daniel, it has a DIRECTIONAL PAD)

Oh, and for those of you wondering, The Reject is doing his part to cure some very nasty diseases.
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