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Exclamation The Gunmouse!

here is the repost of this for Gizmo so that he can put it up on front!

Cost- $0 (for me) to $20 (canadian btw)
difficutly- medium
time- couple of hours if you know what your doing

Ok, to build it i took a old logitech mouse, a dollarama cap gun and an old toggle switch. first, i took apart the gun with a screwdriver. Then i took a Dremel with a sanding head on it and grinded out a whole bunch of plastic above the trigger area. once i had it all ground out i checked to see if the toggle switch yould fit and it did! so then i glued it in with hot glue. Next i took the Dremel and ground out a notch at the bottom for the wires to go through. then i opened the mouse with a phillips and using a soldering iorn i melted off the left click button. Then i drilled to small holes in the top of the mouse so that the cords would go through it. next i spraypainted it all with tape over the switch. plus take off any little side things that you might want not painted. then once it dries solder the wires to the mouse in the holes where the origional button was. then close it up and screw it all together and try it out. WARNING: dont try this with a good mouse unless you do like 5 before because the mice might break as one of mine did. just a warning. And there you have it, one mouse gun. im actualy working on a plan for a M16 mouse where the WASD keys are on the handle and then some sort of mouse mod to let you look around with the other hand while its on the gun.

Here are the pics...

so please post whatever you want and gizmo if you want me to make some changes to what ive written give me a shout ( ie PM)

Matt, I remove the images and uploaded them as attachments to this message instead. It makes it a lot easier for me to thumbnail them on the front page that way. - Gizmo
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