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Originally Posted by XeroHouR
sorry im a computer tech major...and only in my second year of study...I don't have a firm gasp on ANYTHING yet.
Such is the joy of being a student - it gets better when you get into industry and end up junking most of what you learned at degree

Originally Posted by XeroHouR
I just got through enthalpy changes in chemestry(btw I was pretty good at it ). So what are the average heat dissipations of radiators? I'm using a heatercore, I think its one from a 77 Bonneville, its larger than 2 120mm fans on all sides, its a lot of surface area...I guess its just wishful thinking to hope that just water would cool such a pelt and give the kind of low temps I think would help the prescott...but I'm not beat yet, I'm gunna work something out.
Without knowing the specifications of the radiator, I couldn't even begin to guess.

Originally Posted by Áedán
Oh, I'm frequently wrong. I was labouring under the impression that the radiator was not the only govening component.
The radiator will (usually) determine the final temperature of the system - it's rate limiting. One would still have to calculate the contribution of every part to get an accurate figure though. A back of the envelope calculation can be done if the heat load (did I see 1.3kW?), water flowrate (it's on the pump) and fluid capacity of the TEC-block are known.

Originally Posted by Áedán
On the other hand, if Kaitain had got his act together here earlier, I wouldn't be trying to provide understanding to others on this topic!
It is by coffee alone I set my mind in motion...
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