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ahh yea, back of the envelope calculations... thats what I was looking for....

on another note. I got together with my EE friend, and he said that its impossible for these 360W and 437W pelts to run at 24V >18Amps. Just looking at the numbers made him get all upset about pulling too many amps through the wires("at that guage they'd just catch fire"). So we came to the conclusion that the on pelt amperage listed as over 18 is basically the max it could take before it would be toast.

He got me a powersupply to a printer his company made, it has 12V+/- and he said hes gunna splice them for me, so thats 24V and he says its got the kinda flow and energy to run the pelt. So I guess the only thing left to do is figure out if my sys can keep the pelt cool so it runs around 0oC and then the big two...
1.) Finding out if I have the lugnuts to actually do this to my beloved processor...

2.) If I can keep it from my g/f long enough so that I can save up and buy her a real pretty ring that she can stare at all the time, in hopes of missing my box
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