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I came in late on this thread, but I was not surprised to see it was Aedan who pointed out that you can't pump cold.

Basically cooling systems become more eficiant the higher the Delta T between the cooling fluid and the fluid to be cooled. Your cooling fluid is rather ineficiant (air) but you can push a lot of it across your heat exchanger.

The tempiture of your fluid to be cooled will continue to rise until there is suficiant delta T to the cooling fluid that the heat exchanger becomes efficiant enough to handle the heat load. That or the water in your waterblock flashes to steam and melts a hole in your vinyl hoses and then sprays hot watter all over your system.

I still recomend phase change. Just buy a small 5cu' freezer and stick your computer in it. Or if you live in Canada, stick your computer outside your window (Thank you Mrs Nash!)
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