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ROFL only in canada :P if I did that at school I'd be short a computer in about 3 minutes. The school would be footing the bill on this one. I'm still theorizing the use of a pelt so I am working off the highest rated one out. I was wondering how strong the pelt would have to be to boil the water in the system, assuming that you weren't using any addatives to the water, I'll prolly spend my chem lecture on monday doing that 8-)

I need a more compact method of cooling since I have to transport my PC a lot, when I move into my apt next year after the summer I can finally try those crazy deep freeze experiments I've always been wanting to do. I've seen lots of people already implementing the 360W one, on just water no less, I'm in communication with one on how he's dealing with it. The 437W one might just be a touch too much, even just to play with lol.

I've been looking at using refridge/AC stuff to cool my computer, anyone have any links to do it yourself phase change type stuff, using parts from a fridge or something?
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