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Well as far as day-to-day but still extreme cooling situations, I think that a produced pelt device(like the swiftech mcw50+t and the dangerden maze4+t) is a VERY viable solution as long as you take PSU into account. The Swiftech is definatly easy just rub silicon on the bottom of thier prefitted neoprene and bam you're up and running(of course theres more to it than that...but you could say that and not be lying). Even the maze4 could be put together by an 8th grader(no offense but this seems like a valid range).

I think that GPU's are still at a point that the 80W pelt can handle it, until you get to the 6800's which are bearly too hot and they push into out of the safe zone of the pelt, and overall you get less performance. In its own loop 6800GT+ could be REALLY well cooled by a properly powered pelt(potential problem in the preceeding), this pelt being the upgraded pelt, from 80W as they used to use, upgrade it to the 172W potted, in 40x40 which is what the 80W was in too.

I'm sure if I upgrade the pelt on my 6800GT AND I get my powersupply(which will definatly be able to power even my dominator project AND my 172W pelted video card projects. Of course seperate loops are a big must...I'm just not sure if I wanna have 2 pumps...2 rads...etc. I have other plans in my future lan box to have an 80W or even 172W, if I some how get the guts to do it,on the video card, w/e it would be, prolly a 5900XT golden sample..or I might go ATI and freeze them. The supporting CPU COULD but prolly wont be pelt cooled, tbred(cheap) on a good but cheap mobo. The ram eh might as well drop $100 for some TCCD ram right?
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