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Note: it is not a regular Socket 939.

If you buy that processor you will need to set the HT to 4 as it can not handle 5x.

Their is a sticky in the 64bit forums over at AMDZone about this cpu and people that have purchased and had problems with them.

Almost all of the problems ended up with the user having the wrong HT settings enabled.

So FYI... 3400+ Socket 939 is a 800 HT only chip. If you pick a board that is not listed to work with it, it may not run. If you pick a board that is listed to run with it, to get it to run stable you will need to set it to a 4x HT or 800Mhz HT in the bios.

Funny thing about that cpu it supports the same HT interface that the Socket 940's do, but the 940's come with 1MB of cache so why was this cpu produced???

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