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Excellent replies

RussianThunderbird1, I had a similar plan to yours for watercooling, I hadnt thought about Algae though. As you said, the water would need to be pumped around and also cooled. I hadnt considered algae, probably cos I've never had any in my watercooler. I have some washing up liquid in the water. Works like magic
The water channels would need to be outside of the viewing area which doesnt make them as effective, but I'm sure it would work quite well.

A funny thing I just thought about. When the suns shining, do the windows on your house ever get hot? the radiated heat passes straight through which means I'd still need a fan blowing on the LCD as it would slowly heat up.

I read on one report (probably TomsHardware) that the screen starts to go brown just before game over, dont want it anywhere near there! I imagine any increase in temp above its normal operating temp will not help its life either. Cooling the LCD reliably is one of the most important aspects. I dont have much cash to replace it either! (and I really like this one)

Maybe air cooling is best?

Gizmo, I have a photo of the monitor in use with an AOA page on if you like I wont take the LCD apart until the OHP arrives in case it has a silly fault. I want faults to surface before I rip it apart so I can get a replacement! All seems good so far.

I just got a call from the Projector people, Darn, It should be here early next week.
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