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bump see if you'll answer the last one and post a new one.

I think I went from wanting to put a 360W pelt on the CPU, to leaving it water cooled(since I think the CPU wouldnt' gain a ton from it....) and upgrade the pelt on the 6800. To do this I have to use a 172W pelt. So I was thinking about running 2 loops, because I didn't want the heat of the pelt warming up the CPU. Here is my question though:

Would it be best to use 1 Eheim 1250 pump, 1 dual 120mm heatercore, 1 120mm heater core, cpu block, gpu block, res. Or should I just put my 1048 into the GPU loop and add the 1250 pump for the cpu(actualy run two seperate loops).
In the first config I would plan to run a rad before each block, but only one pump. Space premitting I COULD feasibly run the second choice, but I hope that a 1250 could give enough head to power this whole big loop.

Sony Vaio SZ220
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