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Water deposits

I've been using a new radiator on old pipes for a few months now. The water was deionized with some water wetter and cheap UV dye mixed in.

I've got a wierd brown deposit all over the system now. It looks like rust, but the only place rust can be coming from is the radiator. And the radiator was new, and specifically produced for computer use (chilltek-uk the suppliers have vanished so I can't find out who the manufacturer was anymore).

Is it possible that the combination of those agents caused some kind of reaction or could it be rust? Seems strange that a radiator would rust (everything else about it is higher quality than the black ice rad I broke before).

I tried bleaching the whole lot, but that had no effect. Scrubbing removes it fairly easily it's just awkward. I'm ordering some new pipes for the rebuild and I'll have to just scrub the water block and pump innards.
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