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Hi Sasrob
I imagine you have your GT by now?

The GT does need a power connector, preferably not connecting to anything else on the same lead. I recommend get at least a good 400W powersupply for peace of mind (you know power isnt a problem if it doesnt work properly).

Do make sure you have good air throughput in your case.
I also leave the blanking plate off the PCI slot next to the AGP slot. This allows one of 2 things to occur (depending if your case sucks more air in than it blows out and vice versa):
1) cold air will flow in the slot over the graphics card allowing the card to run cooler.
2) Hot air from the graphics card will flow out of the slot, lowering case temps, keeping things cooler.

Of course, the above doesnt matter much if your cards heatsink pumps all the heat out of the rear slot as some do anyway.
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