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Thanks for your input -- interesting. My 8K5A2 BIOS won't allow me to select less than 133MHz FSB, so I tried from there and got the following results:

AUTO - 14x
7 - 15x
8 - 16x
8.5 - 16.5x
9 - 17x
9.5 - 18x
11.5 - 19x

(All other multipliers resulted in force to "AUTO".)

I tried booting with 166MHz FSB and 15x. No dice, even with the cpu core raised to 1.85V (from 1.65V). So I'm now back to "AUTO" and am trying a cpu core of 1.625V -- OK so far.

Looks like my XP-M 2500+ doesn't like clocks greater than 2.32 GHz -- typical . (Unless memory timings can effect this?)

Thanks for your help.
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