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Another Caps Victim

Well looks like I have fallen victim to the capacitor gods, auuggghhh my Epox 8k9a2+ (which really wasn't that great of a board to begin with but I didn't see the problems alot of people experienced) has decided not to run any more, at first I thought it was just a power supply problem but after looking at several caps I noticed the tops where bulging and the board refuse's to do anything, but I should tell the whole story it all started when some power lines out front of are house starting arcing after watching the light show for an hour or so I remembered both computers where running so I ran in and unplugged them even though they where plugged into surge protectors. The next day I went to turn both back on and couldn't get the epox to boot or for that matter do anything no led lights no nothing so thats when I started uplugging stuff from the the board I've seen where one bad cd-rom can keep a whole system from starting, so I finally got everthing unplugged except the processor and heatsink fan and still nothing, so here I am wondering what in the world is going on and all of a sudden huge sparks from the power supply (raidmax 550w) it scares me half to death I can barely get the damn thing unplugged so I think well thats obviously the problem so I go out pick up a new power supply and plug everything back in and hit the power button and nothing......So here I go again unplug everything and still nothing so I think maybe I just bought a bad power supply so I plug it in a spare msi board I had laying around and it fires up perfect, now I'm back at square one so I start looking at some of the capaciators and notice about five with bulging tops but they are not leaking, after a quick search on bad capaciators I find the web site the pictures they show there are the exact same looking caps as ones on my epox board so looks like I may have too fallen victim to bad caps, I going to try and fix them but really don't want too, I rather just buy a new (different) board but I'm worried that I can, I was running raid 0 on that board it's the highpoint hpt372 controller so does any know for sure if I'm going to be able to move this array, maybe raid pci card?? if you think this should work what board would be a good replacement does any one know off hand if epox or for that matter any good board maker is still useing that version or a compatible version of highpoint, I may write highpoint and ask them what to do, because I'm stuck without my computer and out of ideas. Well Thanks again to everyone who has helped me in the past here.
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