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64 bit means 64 bit alu's which means double the execution units getting done. They are just plain faster than 32bit...Often times up to 2x as fast on the whole, at the same clocks. Socket 939 is your best bet, wait until 3 months after NF4 comesout, that way SLi will be available on the board u buy(if nf4 is the one with dual PCI-E slots....), and the processors and boards should be down to a respectable range by then. As for now you can get a 3000 S939 system for like what 250? good air cooler and clock it to 3800, I'm pretty sure that a system lik ethat with good memory and some tweaks would smoke my p4 in gaming. Its not a terrible idea to get one pretty soon is alls I'm sayin
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