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Originally Posted by Lazgoat
Hey SteveI, how does this pc compare to your AMD rig?
They really don't compare well. Aside from folding, the rigs do different things. I like HT... gives better response in general. However, the NW was disappointing for real hard core crunching like video encoding. I found that the NW@3.2 HT and dual channel, would actually take longer than my Barton@2.2ghz. Odd.

Can't say much about the Prescott yet. Maybe it's all in my mind, but the feel does seem quicker jumping through windows. Just got the CPU this afternoon so I haven't had a chance to really take it for a spin.

3.6ghz is a bit disappointing... After the holidays, I'll take a closer look, see if I can find a memory combination that will go better than 240, and push a bit more. For the next few weekends, I'll be upgrading a few rigs for family and friends.
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