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I had to glue the pump I am using also. Made quite a racket.
To continue with the hot pump issue. I have a pump that is rated at 300 GPH and will shoot water 8 feet across the room. "don't ask how I know this". this is the web site spec....
Pond Works 300 gph 2E-38N-WG
Operates either submersed or in-line. Epoxy coated aluminum housing. Little Giant 2E-38N-WG. 3/8" FNPT inlet with snap-off screen; 1/4" MNPT outlet. 15' cord. 1.7 amps; 100 watts; 255 gph@3', 205 gph @5'. 11'8" shutoff.

Needless to say it runs quite hot @ 100 watts. I have run this in line and noticed that the pump was very hot and was wondering the same thing. Is this adding a ton of heat to my loop. I have a smaller sub pump now that uses 15 watts and is rated at 200 GPH @ 0 feet and the temps are the same. I guess the added flow is offset by the addaed heat. So no benifit....?
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