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Some more tasters using the old smaller screen.
I'll do some more on the big screen soon, promise!

You can see from the cats that some loss of colour was occuring on the smaller OHP screen compared to the monitor. Also the Farcry pics show what was happening to Blue. This still happens a little with the big sheet but nowhere near as bad. This is directly due to how yellow white is. The more yellow, the more blue looks off and the picture seems less bright.

I'm thrilled to bits that it gets a picture anywhere near the quality of my monitor as it is damn good.
Brightness is not as high as I would like, but there has to be a trade off when projecting an 8ft image on a limited budget.
Watching in total darkness is super. I watched Charlies Angels 2 today with the curtains closed and it is still pretty good in the day.

edit: oh yes, pinpoint accuracy in FPS games is fantastic. You can see the guy in the distance, aim, fire, he's gone. Using a sniper rifle is incredibly easy.
A friend complained in CS:S, it seemed to his eye the refresh rate of the LCD wasnt fast enough. As I didnt feel that was true we discussed it and summarised he 'can' see that or it could be that the screen is so huge every tiny movement moves a lot on the big screen and will take time to get used to.

When gaming I try and move the mouse more as it seems theres a lot more to move Odd but true. We'll see how we adapt to it
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