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I took a break from playing with it to get the camera out
Here are 5 pictures of the Milkdrop Visual plugin for Winamp.
The screen is about 8.5ft diagonal (pretending the corners exist).
Any larger and too much brightness is lost.
You can just see my monitor in the bottom right of the screen. To gauge the size, the monitor front is 2ft from the screen. I am standing about 7ft.

While playing around, a dark spot appeared in the center of the screen, SHOCK! It was turned off quick smart. Power had been cut to to the fan.
I thought that was it, another LCD fried, after cooling for a few mins it came back to life as though nothing had happened
It did get very hot too, glad it can cope.

I'm not measuring temps as my CPU cannot live without its probe. Suffice to say the LCD screen is nice and cool with a single silent 120mm fan at 7V blowing above and below the LCD from the side.

I've kept some temp readings made with the old dead panel to see just how hot it would get if touching the OHP with no air gap and a fan blowing from above. The temps I found were around the max rated operating temperature of the LCD. Maybe this method could work, but I'm sure it will shorten the life of the screen.

I'm doing a lot of experimentation with colour settings in NVidia drivers (excellent but infuriating), RivaTuner and ffdshow, hence the slowness in posting any gaming pics etc.
I'm getting somewhere near satisfied with the colour balance and brightness.
Needless to say most of the problems with brightness and colour balance would be resolved with the use of a decent bright screen.
Not bad for a £15 sheet tho!!


edit: added image 5
no photo can do Milkdrop justice, its simply amazing
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2.9m DIY home made LCD PC projector !
Venice 3000+ (1.8GHz) @ 2.7GHz, 1.4V
Stock air cooler
X1800XT clocked to PE

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