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Netserver storage unit


I picked up a HP netserver setup for a great price.....FREE...

Basically the CPU unit is crap..uh junk.

I am more interested in the SCSI controller in it and the Storage System that came with it. It is a netserver storage system/6 It has 2 4.0Gig Ultra2 and 3 9.0Gig Ultra2 drives in it as well as 2 powersupplies. What I am thinking is to install the Scsi card in my main rig and run the storage unit from there. One problem, well probably a few others that I have not thought of yet but anyway. I do not have the cable that goes from the back of the card to the back of the drive unit. Not sure what it actually is. I did a search and there are a boat load of cables out the to choose from. Can someone point me in the right direction? And possible think of any issues I might run into doing this...

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