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I only have a cheap motherboard... ECS Elitegroup 661FX-M and it is generic ram aswell.

sorry, yes it was 05, and it was with the latest drivers...
    Main machine                Gateway machine         Wifey's machine
O/S WIN XP Pro SP1              SuSE 9.2                WIN XP Pro SP2
CPU 2.8 Celeron D               1Ghz Pentium III        2.4 Celeron D
RAM 768MB PC2700                512MB PC133             512mb PC2700
HDS 40GB Excelstar              20GB Quantum Fireball   40GB
VID XFX FX6600GT 128MB          NVidia 2 MX400 32MB     O/B AGP Video
MOB Eliteforce ECS 661FX-M      DELL                    DELL

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