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Originally Posted by Staz
Thnx for the info

So it is important to find a projector with the largest screen size availible. I asked because I looked for projectors and found diferent size screens

As for the position of the mirror, I had envisioned building it upside down. But to achieve a 10' screen that would mean having the mirror at a hight of about 5 1/2' from the floor. What happens if the mirror is higher or lower than that? I assume that the picture would become trapizoidal, but how trapizoidal? and could it be adjuested for useing the trapiziod adjustment on the monitor? (I can't believe I just typed that! Of course it can't, LCDs don't have a trapizoid adjustment, only CRTs do, but I'll leave that in just incase someone else has the same brain fart I just did.) OK, so how trapiziodal does it get?. You could demonsrtaight this taking a pic of the setup in its normal mode (you have already posted many of thoose) and then setting the projector on the floor and leaving the screen hieght the same and taking a picture of that.


With the projector sat on the floor I took the attached pictures. First 2, the height of the projected image is the same as all earlier photos, bottom of the screen is 23" off the floor. The 3rd image is 1 to 2" from the floor at the bottom. Its not bad!! In fact I really like.
Looks like I will need to make the new screen height adjustable so it drops to the floor.

I have just confirmed that better cooling of the LCD is needed.
When the OHP/LCD are first turned on, the picture is pretty bright. After 1/2 hr it goes a bit yellow even though its cold to the touch. I will investigate this further.
Incidentally, every photo taken so far has been using the OHP in low power mode. There is a minute improvement in brightness on high power, it really is tiny and costs 1/3rd of the bulbs potential life and produces more heat.

the game is Rome - Total War
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